Happiness at 101 - Part 2

Since yesterday, I would have to say that I've been on a whole new level of happy.  For the most part, things in my life have been going pretty damn well, both career wise and on a personal level but after yesterday, it's just simply better. Who would have thought that the simplicity of wheeling an elderly woman one block would affect my life like this?

To be honest, I can't seem to get her off of my mind. Who is she? Why does she live alone? How is she not in a home? What's her secret to looking 85 when she's really 101? You know, the important questions. 

As I walked out of my building I kept my eyes peeled for her on the side walk, and as I rounded the corner heading towards her apartment I noticed a wheel chair in the distance.

Smiled instantly. 

At that moment, all I could see were the front wheels and feet. Still smiling. Pure excitement rushed through me, I was going to be able to wish her happy birthday to her face, excellent! As I got closer to this mysterious chair I, to my dislike, noticed it wasn't her. I mean, this person looked nice and all, but let's be honest, not who I was hoping for. As I passed her by, I smiled as I would to my new best friend and kept walking. 

It's fine I thought, I'll stop by later, I'm late for work anyways. Shocker.

As I passed her building I couldn't help but peek in to see if there was a possibility that she was hanging out in the lobby, but no dice, just the door man. He smiled, I smiled and I kept walking. 2.5 seconds later, I stopped, turned around and walked through the front door. 

"Hey there," I said hesitantly "Yesterday I wheeled home a sweet old lady..." fading out as a huge smile appeared on the doorman's face. "Yeah, Francis, she's a hit around here."

Cue huge smile.

I mean, come on, she just keeps getting better and better, and I know nothing about her.

"Well I know today is her birthday, and I was wondering if it would be ok if I were to drop off flowers later for her?" I continued "Is that allowed? Am I being a weirdo?" 

He laughed "No ma'am, to be honest you're not the first person who has wheeled her home and dropped by this morning with gifts"

"Really?" And to think, I thought I was the only lucky person to have had this experience. Glad I wasn't. 

"Yeah, a few people have dropped off cards and flowers this morning."

There are good people in this world! 

Heart melting. 

"Would it be possible to get her name from you?" Creep question #2.

"Absolutely!" he said without hesitation. 

Francis Weinstein.

Unfortunately I didn't get to see her bright smile this morning, but lets be honest she is most likely prepping for her big birthday party or perhaps maybe sleeping in, god knows she damn well deserves it. 

Whether I get to see her today or not, this is not the end of the story. I plan on making it my goal to sit down and learn more about this person, who in a short amount of time, has stolen my heart. 

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